Web Design and Multimedia

In early stages of web design, the very first Web browsers had support for text only, as well as the written text support was limited one font in one color, and little or little else. Then came web browsers with support for color, fonts and text styles, and also the support for pictures was added. The support for sounds, animations and videos is handled diversely by different browser MULTIMEDIA FORMATS

Multimedia elements in web design (like sounds or videos) are kept in media files. The most typical method to uncover the press type is to check out the file extension. Picture formats are identified by extension like .gif, .digital and more. Seem Formats: – Seem could be stored in several formats

1. The MIDI Format: — The MIDI (Guitar Digital Interface) is really a format for delivering music information between electronic music devices like synthesizers and PC seem cards. Sounds kept in the MIDI format possess the extension .mid, .midi 2. The AIFF Format: – The AIFF (Audio Interchange Extendable) was created by Apple. Sounds kept in the AIFF format possess the extension .aif or .aiff extension 3. The MP3 Format (MPEG):- MP3 files are really MPEG file. However the MPEG Format was initially produced for video through the Moving Pictures Expert Group. We are able to state that MP3 files would be the seem area of the MPEG video format. MP3 is among the most widely used seem formats for music recording. The MP3 Encoding system combines good compression (small files) rich in quality. Seem kept in the MP3 format has got the extension. MP3


1. The AVI (Av Interleave) format was created by Microsoft. The AVI format is based on all computers running home windows, by all typically the most popular web browsers. It is a type of format on the internet, although not always easy to experience non-home windows computers. Seem kept in the AVI format has got the extension. .avi 2. THE MPEG Format: – (Moving Picture Expert Group) format is most widely used format on the web its mix-platform, and based on the whole most widely used web browser. Video stores within the MPEG format possess the extension .mpg or .mpeg 3. The Fast Time Format: – The Fast time format was created by Apple. Quick time is really as common format on the web, but Quick Time movies can’t be performed on the Home windows computer with no extra (free) component installed. Video kept in the fast Time format possess the extension .mov

Using multimedia elements in your website can enhance the way your site/clients are perceived online. It’s however essential to not exaggerate the amount of multimedia elements in your website. If you’re unsure how you can integrate music, seem or video aimed at your website, why don’t you make use of a professional web designer who are able to show you with the process?